And the winners of this week's DVR lineup are...

Sundays are my least busy days of the week. I sleep in, I run a few errands, catch up on the news, and then settle in for a day of catching up on my DVR (thank God for this wonderful, wonderful invention).

Today is Monday, which means I'm getting all of my weekly recordings set, and here is what I'll be watching six days from now:

Monday Night:
-Gossip Girl. Don't judge me, Manhattan's Upper East Side is glamorous and full of drama. I can get some stellar fashion notes for my @STAConsignment tweets and get some fictional gossip, to keep real drama out of my life, all at the same time.
-One Tree Hill. Again, don't judge me! I've been watching since high school. It's the last season. I'm committed. I admit, I have a slight crush on this season's newcomer Clay, played by the gorgeous Robert Buckley (you may know him as Kirby on Lipstick Jungle).
-House. Probably the least embarrassing show on the list. I find myself a little less excited about this current season because vicodin-addict-House was so much more charming. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad he got over his bad habit, but I think his sarcasm has suffered from it.
-How I Met Your Mother. This is my newest obsession. I love Ted Mosby and would like to audition for the part of "the mother." I love that Robin and I are basically the same person. I love that Neil Patrick Harris can play a very, very convincing straight man. I love Lilly's (Alyson Hannigan) inappropriate outbursts. This is one of the better concepts on TV right now AND it's narrated by Bob Saget. You can't go wrong!

Tuesday Night:
-So You Think You Can Dance. THE ideal DVR show. Why? I watch the dancing, fast-forward through the judging, and I do not watch the results show, I just Google it Thursday morning. Mary Murphy and Cat Deely are two of the most annoying women on television, but the dancing on this show is of such high quality, that I continue to watch. Recording it is the perfect solution!

Wednesday Night:
-Glee. I am in love with this show. The drama. The music. The complicated love triangles (yes, plural). After seeing the pilot early last summer, I had my doubts, but I am glad I gave this show another shot. The characters are easy to like, they are stereotypical without being unrealistic, and while they may face a lot of problems, none of them are far out of the realm of what is currently going on in high schools. Most high schools today have kids who are coming out, getting pregnant, trying to fit in etc. and while in real life they may not all also belong to a Glee club, it's still relevant.
-Top Chef: Las Vegas. I have been a Top Chef fan since season 1 and while I think that this year's contestants may be slightly boring when compared to past years, the food is anything but.

Thursday Night:
-Survivor: Samoa. Again, I've been a fan since season 1, though I stopped watching at some point and have only recently become a fan again. Russell is really making this season memorable, lying about basically everything and outsmarting everyone. He has probably screwed over every single person on the island and none of them even know! I appreciate good drama and give props to the producers for finding people still worthy of reality TV... I was beginning to think maybe everyone interesting had already been on a show!
-The Office. With all of the big character developments to the show, it is just as funny as ever. I'm a little iffy about the "recession is hurting the company" storyline, because everyone else is doing it too. Times are tough, I don't need one of my favorite sitcoms to remind me! That being said, my love of Jim Halpert will compel me to continue watching even if the writing gets bad.

Friday Night:
-The Soup. Just in case I forgot to catch anything important during the week, I can rely on Joel McHale to keep me in the loop!


Danielle said...

I saw the link to your blog on Steve's blog, so I came on over.
I <3 gossip girl too! I know so few people who do! Or will admit to it anyway haha
I'm very interested in seeing what's in that letter of Serena's. And I'm still upset she went off with Tripp.

Amanda-Jean said...

Thanks for reading Danielle!!

I agree. But honestly I'm just so upset about the lack of Chuck Bass these days!! It's so unfair, I love him!!

Danielle said...

oh i agree! But I love how he's been the voice of reason in the last few episodes! But I think next weeks episode is suppose to be a lot about him cause it's the anniversary of Bart's death. I think.