I Go to Too Many Concerts... and Love It

You may all remember a few weeks back my great excitement over my upcoming trip to California. That's right, today is March 2 which means in twenty-six days I will be seeing my beloved Andrew McMahon perform with Something Corporate in Anaheim. I am looking forward to this vacation and hopefully some sunshine too.

Of course, it isn't all about Andrew. There are plenty of bands I cannot wait to check out and some of my favorites that I haven't seen much lately all playing this two day festival. So you would think that I'd be done with concerts for awhile.

But then, you clearly don't understand my friendship with my best friend Megan which has largely centered around music for the better part of the last ten or so years. And so we are going to the AP Tour at Boston's House of Blues in late April. Luckily this is only going to cost me $23 after service fees. What I find so amusing about this is that the AP Tour consists of five bands: nevershoutnever, Hey Monday, The Cab, Every Avenue and The Summer Set. Three of which will also be at The Bamboozle.
If only concerts were free, because I spend too much money seeing the same bands over and over. Oh and you know that I plan on buying Warped Tour tickets when those go on sale despite the fact that once again, it is mostly for the same bands. But that's me and my best friend for you, and I think it makes us awesome.

Oh and in case you were wondering, you really do need to check out nevershoutnever. I recently discovered them and love, love, love their stuff. Even if the lead singer is only 19 and makes me feel very, very old. I especially recommend the song liarliarpantsonbackwards. You can check out a lot of their stuff here on their MySpace.