How I Spend Days Off

So my lack of posting is largely due to the fact that I have been spending most of my free time on the internet job hunting rather than blogging. Finally it has paid off and tomorrow I have a meeting to go fill out all of the paperwork necessary for starting a new job with my first actual day being Thursday of this week.

At the risk of sounding like a horrible person, quitting my last job was almost more exciting than actually finding a new job. When you put so much work and effort (and hundreds of extra hours) into a job, only to be let down when they decide they don't really need you anymore, it hurts. Plain and simple. Though I never felt that I was working for a company that I saw a great future with, I had expected to remain there for the remainder of college and possibly for a short time after. That being said, it clearly didn't work out that way and I am looking forward to starting my first full time job this week. It all feels very grown up! Wish me luck.

And so with a Monday free and no food in the house, I've been rather productive today. I had a leisurely trip to Shaw's during hours that it is not overly crowded and then came home for some cooking. This is of course after spending the better part of the morning setting up all that I bought at IKEA yesterday. I swear I'm cut out for being a housewife.

What I love so much about my grocery shopping tendencies is that I buy what looks good and then get home and figure out what to do with it. Which can prove challenging, but today turned out wonderfully and so I'll share a new recipe that I plan on making over and over again.

Start cooking some pasta - I prefer whole grain and used penne today

Saute a chicken breast (cubed - boneless/skinless) in a little bit of olive oil with basil and red pepper (you know I love red pepper)

After about five minutes, add some scallions to the chicken and then finish cooking (about five more minutes)

While this is going on, toss some arugula and baby spinach in olive oil and lemon - I used a half a lemon since I like it so much

When the chicken and pasta are done, toss them in with the salad and top with parmesan cheese

This took me about 20 minutes total and was absolutely delicious!! I'm glad I have leftovers!!

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Steve G. said...

Wow, things went sour quick at your former place, huh? I thought they had just promoted you after Christmas?