Another YouTube Clip... The Funniest Thing Ever

I have, unfortunately, not been having the best of weeks. Luckily, I can easily compartmentalize this and was able to thoroughly enjoy a Valentine's Day weekend! (For details on the amazing restaurant, check out my Yelp! review here.) After a great dinner out we generally spent a very lazy Sunday, which is really the best kind of Sunday, watching an MTV True Life marathon with tons of cuddles. Excellent.

However, with back to work today (as I am not lucky enough to have this holiday off from work, only school) I am again finding myself not exactly having the best of times. And while I am doing my best to try to keep a positive attitude (and sending out as many resumes as possible) there is one thing that absolutely, always, without fail makes me smile.

Thank you Dana Carvey. Seriously. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do.

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