Cell Phones Are a Girl's Best Friend?

I am desperately searching for an answer to this question: do people buy their sweethearts cell phones for Valentine's Day?

To backtrack a bit, I expect lame jewelry commercials and even lamer Hallmark ads this time of year. I expect to walk into CVS and see about three aisles where the colors pink and red have thrown up and left heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in their wake, and I expect movie theaters to exclusively show chick flicks that boys attend under duress in hopes of getting laid.

Personally, I love Valentine's Day in all its commercial glory. I like that it gives me an excuse to be my sappy self because I only have so many excuses for incessantly watching Titanic. I am excited to go on a real Valentine's Day date this year and also excited for the day after when all that chocolate left at CVS goes on sale for 80% off.

But I just don't get these cell phone ads at all. "Here, Honey! I got you a Blackberry for Valentine's Day. I even got you a cute red case to make it look holiday-appropriate. Oh and the fine print shows that you now have to pay an extra $30 a month for a data plan!" Alas! Nothing screams romance like a shiny new cell phone. If only I could be so lucky! Chocolates and diamonds be damned, this is the twenty-first century.

I would like AT&T and Verizon to publish statistics proving that there is a market for this, because I just don't believe it. I am a lover of all things technology, a true Blackberry addict, but if a boy ever tries to buy me one for VDay? Puh-lease!

Isn't this Hallmark holiday just another excuse to spend time with the people we love? Face-to-face that is? If a boy is going to be adorable enough to ask me on a date, I'm sure as hell going to be polite enough to keep my phone on silent and give him my attention.

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