60 Days from Today

Exactly sixty days from today, I will be waking up entirely too early (or more likely, not going to sleep). My best friend Megan and I will get on the T around 5:00am so as to get to the airport around 6:30am so as to get on a plane taking off at 8:00am that will bring us to California.

Yes, officially we booked our plane tickets, bought concert tickets, and smooth talked my dad into shelling out some Marriott points for a hotel stay. And so, my friends, from March 25th through the 29th we will be in the sunny city of Anaheim all to see a band we love maybe just a bit too much.

In my defense, I had a plane voucher that I needed to use up before it expired and my dad was concerned when I asked, "is $35 a night too cheap for a hotel?" so really all I'm paying is the $101 for two days of concert passes. Oh and food and merch and such. But I won't need to worry about that until later, and I'm getting paid just before we leave.

Already I have much higher expectations about this travel than my recent trip to Florida. For one, by late March, Anaheim has average temperatures in the high 60s!! Also, we are flying American Airlines and were able to choose our seats. Thanks to Seat Guru I was able to change our seats to ones that have power outlets which will come in handy on such a long flight. The only disappointment is that American doesn't have direct flights from Logan to John Wayne, so we will have a connection in Dallas on the way there and in Chicago on the way home. Oh well.

And from the looks of it, my dad hooked us up with a pretty nice hotel too. Not only is it literally next to Angel Stadium where the show is, but it's got sweet looking rooms, a nice pool, and complimentary breakfast (if we wake up early enough). Since we'll have all day Friday available, I am especially excited to see my friend Jason who will be driving up from San Diego where he lives these days.

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cavanaughpark09 said...

The only possible way we could even dream of being up in time for breakfast is if we catch the very end of it due to the time change.