Why 2010 Is Already Better Than 2009

I'm going to keep this one short. I'm tired and hungover and generally not feeling well - but that's why today is a day off, right?

But I just have to brag - 19 hours in and 2010 is already shaping up to be amazing! For starters, the Bruins had a ridiculous win over the Flyers and it was a great game to watch. I was so glad to see Timmy in his Team USA jersey!! I am a huge fan of the Olympics and so very excited that they are in Vancouver this year. It's going to be so great to watch!!

The other memorable moment so far is something that I am half embarrassed about and half really impressed with myself for. Shortly after midnight when I was still sobering up, I took out my phone and decided to text a very special and very adorable boy and tell him that I missed him and wished I could have kissed him at midnight and that I hope he had a great show with his band and that he needs to come home from NY soon. So after six months, I finally told him. And of course, his response was, "Yeah, wouldn't that have been nice? :) Happy 2010."


Steve G. said...

awww :)

But yeah, that Bruins game was awesome! I was going to take a nap before coming into work, but instead, I got totally wrapped up in that finish. It was worth the tired feeling I have now, definitely.

Amanda-Jean said...

:-) Yep!

Also, if you hadn't watched - I would've ended our friendship. Thomas had a rough start but we made it through!