My 5 Favorite Things Right Now

1) Remembering that you're watching a DVR-ed program after one commercial. Currently I'm catching up on my programs and after one annoying ad for some medication with too many side affects, I remembered "oh hey, I can fast forward through all of this garbage." Awesome.

2) Boys who are also musicians. For my birthday, Nick wrote a song called "Amanda, It's Your Birthday!" and it is my new favorite song. Not only is it a bazillion times better than the standard "Happy Birthday to You" but "having someone write a song for me" is number four on my secret list of things that I hope happen in my life. Check mark.

3) My Blackberry. See previous entry - it's only gotten better.

4) Skinny jeans that fit well. Today I bought the ultimate pair of skinny jeans: curvy in the hips and skinny all the way down. They're a really nice dark wash too with a little stretch to the fabric and extra comfortable. Rock out.

5) Cuddling. Because this is always on my list of favorite things and I've been cuddling a lot lately. With a super cute boy who writes super cute songs and would be perfect if only he didn't love the Yankees and Rangers.

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Steve G. said...

I say pffttt to #2! I totally would have learned how to play guitar as a kid if I knew how much chicks liked them. sigh. When I have a kid, I am making SURE he plays guitar (but not telling my wife the reason why).