My Newest Addiction: The Blackberry Bold

Last week while updating Twitter via text, my second hand and “well loved” LG Vu decided it would be as good a time as any to just up and die on me. I can’t say I was surprised, it hadn’t been holding much of a charge, the sound quality on a call was hugely diminished, and the exterior of the phone was in a sorry state. 

So on my break from work I walked over to the AT&T store on Boylston and purchased a Blackberry Bold 9700 (sometimes referred to as the Blackberry Bold 2). Let me tell you, after just over a week’s worth of use, I am in love. 

I had seen it online offered for free after a mail in rebate; in store it would’ve been $100 after rebate but when I asked the sales associate, Maria, about it, she offered me an additional $50 off instantly. I was disappointed that the white color was only an online offer, but she pointed out that with a case, you’d hardly notice anyway, and she was right.

Though I had to suck it up and add a $30/month data plan, so far it has been worth it. Not only did Maria set the whole thing up for me, she also carried over all of my contacts for free! Verizon used to charge me all sorts of money for that. Upon leaving the store, I was all set to go. I’m glad to have gotten a smart phone back; I feel much more connected and the interface has been so easy to use. 

I love streaming Pandora while checking my Facebook on the bus, at the airport, walking down the street, and even at my desk! At first I was apprehensive because I’d been told Blackberries weren’t compatible with Macs, but a quick Google search revealed that you can download the Mac software on the Blackberry website, which is easier than using an install disc anyway.

The 9700 model uses a trackpad, not a trackball which I have heard many negative things about. I also love using BBM to communicate with all my friends (and there are an awful lot of them) who are also Blackberry users - I was able to save money by dropping my texting plan from 1500 to 200 a month, a savings of $10. The sound quality is very good on calls and I am already a pro on the QWERTY keypad. It was also very easy to create ringtones on my computer and e-mail them to myself, no more $3.99 per tone from a very limited selection!

So yes, I am already an addict. I already love it more than I ever loved my iPhone (sorry Apple, I still love my MacBook and iPod). And I have become one of those people who preaches the awesomeness of the Blackberry to everyone else. So if you’re ready for an upgrade, I’d recommend the Bold. And I’d highly recommend the Boylston St. AT&T store if you’re in the Boston area, I have never received better customer service from a cell phone provider. 

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