Gearing Up for the Winter Classic

Let's talk hockey today. While I've always considered myself to be a fan, I've never really thought of Boston as a hockey town. That is, until our amazing season last year and the buzz about the winter classic in two days. But while these newly found lovers of the greatest sport on Earth are excited, I must say that I'm actually a bit nervous for my beloved Bruins.

For starters, we're playing the Flyers, who have managed to crush us so far this season despite being in last place in their own division (granted, the Eastern Atlantic is a tough division). Meanwhile, we are playing four games in just six days: playing back-to-back Sunday and Monday with another game tonight, and then of course the Classic on Friday. While I typically complain that I sometimes have to wait 5 days to see another game, these guys need (and rely on) the rest they get.

My last concern rests in the uncertainty of the love of my life and the morale maker of the team: Milan Lucic. Lucic is currently out with an upper-ankle sprain and though he has been skating with the team this week, his status is still a bit shaky. Hopefully he'll be back in it, the team performs better with him on ice due to the intensity of his play.

Now don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to this game. I'll be drinking beers and cheering my team on from the (warm) comfort of my living room - there was no way I was about to spend $200 on crummy seats just to freeze my butt off in 2 degree weather. Despite my doubts of a sure win, I know we have one of the best teams in the NHL and players who aren't going to give up a win easily.

My biggest hope is that this Classic will bring back some lovin' for hockey here in Boston. I dream of the days when the Garden sells out for them night after night. I remember going to empty Celtics games a while back, and now they're packed to the ceiling - that energy here is unbeatable.

But of course, this is just a regular season game for the B's. It's really the playoffs I'm looking forward to (though my wallet, I admit, is not).

The Winter Classic will be aired on NBC(HD) in the US and CBC(HD) in Canada - coverage starts at 1:00pm January 1st.


Reff said...

The news on Looch playing on Friday isn't good, but who knows? Seeing #17 on the ice would be a great surprise!

Steve G. said...

I think Claude or their GM said today that Lucic wouldn't play in the Winter Classic, which is a little disappointing. Unfortunately, his style of play is probably contributing to his injuries. In football, a high-ankle sprain is common among speed-power combination players; running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, etc.