At the Movies: Boston Does It Better

You only need to meet me for about thirty seconds before you know that I'm from Boston Proper: the accent, the aggressive driving, the feeling that the rest of the nation owes me personally for Thanksgiving and Sam Adams... oh and I think we make the best movies too.

No seriously. Just read through my list of favorites and you'll see: Good Will Hunting, The Departed, Mystic River, The Boondock Saints even My Best Friend's Girl - I love them all! I take pride in seeing some of my favorite locals (Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Marky Mark Wahlberg) drop their r's and glamorize the Southie projects and I fell in love with Leo DiCaprio all over again when I realized he could fit in here better than the 800 thousand college students who invade Suffolk County every fall.

We have spirit. We have class. We have stories. Hell, we have everyone from John Adams to Whitey Bulger. It's no wonder these movies are so big (and not just for us locals, these are major box office hits). So call me crazy, but one of my legitimate favorite hobbies is watching these movies over and over again, criticizing the accents (Dear Martin Sheen, only the Kennedys talk like that!), the silly inaccuracies (Hey Matt Damon, you missed your stop on the Red Line day after day in Good Will Hunting- why did you insist on going all the way out to Dorchester?), and generally loving the fact that my city seems to exemplify the creme de la creme of "American Dream-like" stories.

From the Revolutionary War, to the Irish and Italians of Boston, to the gentrification since the 70s there are a million more movies out there to be made. So New York can have its sky scrapers and its pizza, I'll take my "walking city" with our straightforward (okay, rude) attitudes any day.

Marky Mark once said that "girls from Boston will kick your ass, you've got to be on your toes, but there's a loyalty there that's hard to find." And he's right. Those of us born and raised here fit that description to a tee, and those are the qualities characters are made of.

So keep making your movies here, you Hollywood producers- because we love it!


cavanaughpark09 said...

Sweetie, you do realize that if anyone from out of state reads this they might know Samuel Adams but they're probably not gonna know who Whitey Bulger is.

-headdeask- I need to visit you soon. Been way to long/


Danielle said...

haha I live down the street from the restaurant where John Gotti and Whitey Bulger use to do "buisness" apparently. My stepdad took me and my roommate there for lunch one day. we were like ...this looks like a mob restaurant. we're going to get killed. We had no idea at the time it actually was haha. someone at my stepdads job told him afterwards.
and I agree, I love boston movies too.

Steve G. said...

Don't listen to Danielle - She's Italian, so her smelly family is probably all up in the mob. Yours too, probably! I'm on to both of you, and watching my back...

Also, Sam Adams was the answer to a trivia question tonight. The more you know.