Never Did I Ever...

... think that I would be one of those crazy people who pays way too much money to follow a band literally across the country. And yet, I find myself in the midst of planning a trip to The Bamboozle Left in Anaheim, CA this March to see Something Corporate reunite.

I always knew I was maybe just a little crazy seeing Guster every time they played in MA, RI, NH, or CT these past few years - totaling over 30 shows since I started college (and a couple shows in high school as well). I have spent hundreds, probably thousands, of dollars on tickets and I can justify every penny of it. Not once have I had a terrible time, not even the times I was on a terrible date!

My best friend in the whole wide world got me into Something Corporate years ago, I was lucky enough to see them twice before they went on hiatus. Since then, we have managed to go to a couple of Jack's Mannequin shows (Andrew McMahon's side project) and we even saw him perform solo on his acoustic tour a few months ago. Though SoCo's status has officially been "on hiatus," Andrew had hinted that it was on a more permanent basis.

Photo: Andrew signed my copy of 'Everything in Transit' at his solo show!!!

So imagine the freak out I had when YouTube explained to me that they were headlining this festival! It was during this video that I all of a sudden understood why people do this. In my previous entry, I reviewed Dear Jack, McMahon's documentary about his battle with leukemia. His connection with his fans is truly impressive, he performs my all time favorite song, and his California Piano Punk is starting to become cooler than Guster in my mind. This is a pretty huge feat!

I'll be sure to keep you all posted on the trip planning. This would truly be the best concert I could possibly imagine attending. End of story.


Steve G. said...

Ugh, at least you're following a band with actual talent, and not one that preys on stoned fraternity kids! ;) And, you could just make up an excuse for your trip, like that you have a friend out in California. I'm sure you do anyway!

cavanaughpark09 said...

Stop swaying me into saying yes with your ever so rational explanations. I still feel like this is slightly crazy but I am definitely looking at flight info on my day off.