Let's Take Care of Some Administrative Things

I think that really for my own sanity, I need to try to set up some sort of schedule for my blog here. Of course, the fact that I'm about to begin finals is certainly not helping my mental state, so here goes.

Sundays: I'm going to try to make a good fashion-oriented update because Saturdays are when I catch up on all my fashion news for my internship.

Mondays: This is the day for social media news- after all that is half the point of my blog/website.

Tuesdays: Because Tuesdays are usually my least favorite day of the week, I will discuss one of my favorite things: SPORTS. Be warned that this will largely revolve around hockey.

Wednesdays: I think the middle of the week is as good a day as any to share a funny personal story or other random musing. I have a lot of thoughts that really start to collect by Wednesdays.

Thursdays: I will use this fine day to discuss something related to TV or movies, because I watch a lot of both and have a lot of opinions on them.

Fridays: Another social media update. Because there is just so much to say!

Saturdays: Everyone deserves a day off. For me, Saturday is that day.

So anyway, I will try to stick to this as much as possible. Tune in tomorrow for a fabulous TV or movie related update. What will it be? Well, you'll have to come back and see!


Steve G. said...

As a note, something that sometimes helps me out - You can schedule entries ahead of time. i.e. If you date an entry for Sunday 7 p.m., it won't post until that time.

Amanda-Jean said...

Haha Thanks Steve. I've been doing that. It's not like I sit at my computer at exactly 5pm every day... :-p

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