To Recap on the Holidays

Oh Christmas morning. This year I got a whole lot of IKEA furniture. I can't wait to get back to Brighton, carry it up two flights of stairs, and spend the weekend making sense of the directions. Once that part is done I'm sure I'll better appreciate it. I also received a waffle iron, a crock pot, and my mom went over the top with a gift card for a massage at one of Newbury St's hoity-toity-est salons.

But the best gift I received this Christmas was from my landlord. A 30 rack of Beck's. Classiest gift ever. This is why you should all try to find British landlords. My last entry hinted at my love of the accent, after all, that makes up about 99% of Hugh Grant's charm. He also says funny things like "tea towel," and "cooker," which, I really find quite amusing.

Moving right along - this holiday season has led me to not one but two amazing reviews that you absolutely must take my advice on.

Earlier this year my aunt and god mother wrote a book called Letters. I read it because she was the one who wrote it, but I highly, highly recommend it. She's one of the most thoughtful and entertaining women I know, and though I now know way too many details of her personal life, it was a very fun read and incredibly reflective. I'm including a link for you to check it all out here.

My next review is for the 'Dear Jack' documentary put out by Andrew McMahon of Something Corporate and Jack's Mannequin. My best friend knows me all too well, and this really was the perfect gift; I cried the whole time I watched it. 'Dear Jack' starts on the day Andrew was diagnosed with leukemia in and around the scheduled release of Jack's first Album Everything in Transit. As one of Something Corporate's biggest fans, I have truly been touched by all of their music and was heartbroken when I learned that one of my favorite artists of all times was battling this disease. This rare look into Andrew's personal life is a must-see for any fan. Aside from the amazing story, there are also quite a few live performances throughout the hour long documentary and the soundtrack is made up mostly of B-side tracks. Check out the trailer below:


Steve G. said...

Beck's, eh? I can't say that I'm a big fan, but then again, I've only had it once or twice. I considered it equivalent to Heineken - a beer that has a good reputation, but I found it underwhelming. I would rather have a $5 pack of Killian's or Honey Brown.

Amanda-Jean said...

Yes. But it was free. From my freaking landlord. Therefore, it's awesome.

But you're right... it would not be my first choice.