Putting your best face forward... during finals

So between all this blogging has been an awful lot of studying, I have finally finished up classes and I'm getting ready for finals. Usually this means that I spend so much time reading books that I completely for get to think about fashion- but why should a girl have to choose? She shouldn't!

1) My new favorite spin on a study break is to step away from Facebook and step into my closet. When I know I'm only getting three hours of sleep, choosing an outfit in the morning is next to impossible, but picking an outfit out the night before is downright brilliant. And when I really, really want to put off those papers, I even pick out jewelry and undies.

2) No fuss makeup. I'm all about black eyeliner, and spending time perfecting my smokey eye technique, but when I know I'll be in the library for 24 hours straight, it's not practical. Instead, opt for a waterproof mascara to open up your eyes and stick with a typical moisturizer and Chapstick. If you're feeling ambitious, go for some gloss too.

3) Never, ever, ever, forget how important skin care is. Seriously, finals stress you out enough to make you break out, so abandoning your skin care routine is a very bad idea. Whatever you do, wash that gorgeous face of yours regularly and your skin will thank you later.

4) I, for one, am sick of seeing girls destroy their hair in the name of laziness! Guess what, super messy pony tails on the top of your head are not attractive and they are ruining your hair! I understand you are literally rolling out of bed and getting out the door because you slept through your alarm, but that is why God invented headbands. Buy them. Use them. Love them.

5) Personally, I am always over tired and over caffeinated this time of year. It's not an attractive look for anyone, but it's really easy to fake a normal appearance in this situation. Just before your two hour power nap, use a cool cloth on your eyes and when you wake up you'll be sparkling and ready to drink another triple latte guaranteed.

As tempting as it is, don't wear your PJs to finals. Come on now, I just gave you five easy ways to look like you belong on the runway instead of behind a desk. Besides, it's all too easy to fall asleep in your sweats during that test.


Steve G. said...

I'm actually a big fan of the ponytail. I think they look cute, and they're simple. Then again, guys don't really care THAT much about hair, as long as you have some. (Meaning, that you're not Portman in V for Vendetta.)

cavanaughpark09 said...

If you can figure out a way for me to look cute in my god-awful Roche's uniform I will be forever thankful.